Wild Friday nights

This evening I have been searching wordpress and following lots of great sewing blogs for inspiration – if any of you have found your way here, hello, nice to meet you, do you want a cuppa, excuse the mess! If you think I should be following a stitcher and I might have missed them, please leave your recommendations in comments.

However, not much to say on this warm sunny evening, so here is a peek at my sewing room from a few months ago – there’s been a bit of a change since then and it’s a tiny bit tidier, but the light is lovely to work in. I’ll post a more recent picture once I have got a bit more organised!


(Edit: I am never tidy)

I am having samosas and a coffee magnum for tea, and then off to Birmingham tomorrow with my mum for what we like to call ‘fabric slutting’ (also referred to as ‘accidentally buying more fabric than you really should have done with no idea what you intend to use it for’, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept) so I will post next week about the goodies I bring home!


5 thoughts on “Wild Friday nights

  1. Beth says:

    Ooh have a great time at Birmingham, I know it’s the best place for fabric although I’ve never been!
    Oh and check out the blogs at the end of my second most recent post! 🙂


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