#sewphotohop Day 2: Can’t (won’t) live without



As you could tell, I feel quite strongly about this, haha! I couldn’t sew without one. I have never sewn anything and not needed one of these incredibly useful pieces of kit. I actually have several scattered in various places around my sewing room, as I lose them on the regular and then freak out that I can’t find one. (This usually happens when I have also lost my small scissors. Cue lots of swearing etc. Nightmare)

If I was thinking about what I couldn’t live without that’s not connected to sewing… Apart from the obvious food, water etc, I would say music. I miss it when I don’t have it. I don’t sew without some kind of music, be it on the radioΒ or from a film playing. It’s good for the soul and the heart, especially on those long grey winter days that are slowly approaching here in the UK. Nothing like a good sing-song and a cuppa to cheer you up.

On that note, I am going to leave you with a song I have had stuck in my head for about a week. Have fun getting it out of yours!



  1. I am NOT going to play that song after you said it’s been in your head for a week!! (Although it might beat Dora the ***** Explorer going round mine constantly)
    100% agree with you about the importance of a seam ripper. My soulmate ❀

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