V1467 sewalong – update #1

I’ll be perfectly frank – I’m a bit intimidated by this peacoat sewalong project, and have been putting it off a bit under the pretence of “I’ll just get this (and this and this) project finished first and then I’ll start, honestly…”

I’d previously heard from other dressmakers that Vogue patterns are notoriously hard to work with, and my one and only experience of using one was just a complete and utter shocker. It also came up absolutely huge so I’m not really sure what size to cut this time. Reading through the instructions for V1467, they seem for the most part to be pretty straightforward, but it’s the fit I’m most concerned about.


Haven't exactly made huge strides but it's still progress...

However, I’m a fair way away from getting my knickers in a knot about fit as this is as far as I’ve got! (I know, I know…) Next steps – tracing my size off onto dot and cross and cutting a toile before next Sunday so I can start assembling and checking fit.

How is everybody else doing with theirs? What have been the biggest hurdles so far? Mine have been motivation and confidence,  or rather a complete lack of both, but I’d love to know how you’re all getting on!


4 thoughts on “V1467 sewalong – update #1

  1. SewSheSho says:

    Exciting! I’m actually too intimidated to even attempt it but I’m watching everyone’s posts avidly and know I’ll be very jealous when all these wonderful coats spring up! Do you know what fabric your going to use? Good luck!

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