V1467 sewalong update #2

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Hello hive mind! I’m having a bit of a dilemma with my peacoat. I’m at muslin stage (woo!) but I just can’t work out how to deal with the fabric pooling at the back waist! It’s making me sad (sulky) and I kinda want to make something nice and simple to get me back in the zone… We all know that means have a strop and put the peacoat in a pile for the next few months haha! But I’m determined not to be defeated, even if it takes a bit longer than planned!

I’m pearshaped and also a few stone on the heavy side. Add in a swayback and it’s a just a pfaff (see what I did there?!) to get things to fit. V1467 has princess seams on front and back and fit surprisingly well out of the envelopeIMG_6823 – the only adjustments I’ve made so far are to shorten the sleeves and let out the seams a little from the waist down to accommodate my hips. In the pictures I’ve got the chunkiest jumper I own on to make sure I’ll have enough room whichΒ is why I look a bit like the Michelin man! I’m happy with the fit of the front as it is – the pockets were also much easier than anticipated. I also only did one belt strap to check placement etc.

I’m wondering if, because I’ve shortened the arms, is the body too long? Looking at the photos after a few days of ignoring the problem, it all looks like it might just be a bit long above the waist for me. Or am I going to have to make muslin after muslin mucking about with a swayback adjustment? I have included some deeply hideous pictures showing the problem area, sorry to inflict the dreadful angles at you but they serve as a personal harsh reminder I really need to start running again. Yikes. I’d really appreciate any advice you guys have.

A useful tip


All quiet on the western front I’m afraid chaps – I have been slowly but surely working on my muslin for the V1467 peacoat sewalong and hopefully I’ll be ready to fit the first muslin on Sunday!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a useful tip that I have been using for years, and its about that sewing box staple, carbon papIMG_6817er! (Don’t all cheer at once…)

It’s the simplest thing in the world – to make your carbon paper last longer, stick it to a piece of card!… A little anti-climatic, but honestly it’s such a good tip – your paper lasts longer, it’s really simple to do and it’s easy to store as it’s flat! I use thin card and what ever tape is lying around. Once the paper has been used beyond recognition, just carefully cut away the old and replace with the new!