#bpsewvember Day 1: Three facts


Who else is getting involved in Amanda from Bimble and Pimble‘s Sewvember this year! I did it last year and got to learn so much about lots of lovely instagram people.

1) I’ve had a number 1 single (I was in a schools choir on a Children in Need charity song LOL but it sounds much cooler this way)

2) I went to the best drama school in the country but I didn’t study acting (ooooooooo mysterious… ok Halloween is over – I studied Theatrical Costume making) There were only 3 people in my year on my course

3) I am teaching myself Dutch because I love the Netherlands and one day would like to live there. I’m rubbish but you get points for effort



  1. Hey Jenny! I’m a fellow sewist but also a linguist (I studied German and Russian) – and I’m afraid I won’t accept your statement that you’re rubbish! Give Steve Kaufmann a search on YouTube, I think he gives some really good tips for independent learning. Also check out the subreddits for learning Dutch or finding a language exchange partner if you don’t have anyone to practise with or answer your questions. And most of all, give yourself some credit! It takes time to build up all the vocab and structures you need to chat away like you do in your first language. 🙂 I’m going to start posting these #bpsewvember themes on my Instagram if you wanted to check it out, I’m @highballemy19

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