#bpsewvember Day 2 – Like a boss


#bpsewvember Day 2 – Like a boss. I can colour match like a boss 😁 I’m pretty good at judging it by eye but sometimes it can be really hard to tell when the difference in shades is so slight. I remember a lady in John Lewis givig this advise to my mum way back when when she made my prom dress and it makes so much sense when put into practice.

The easiest way to colour match is by unravelling a piece of the thread from the reel and laying it on a sample of your material. If you can still see it, it’s the wrong colour, but it’s almost invisible, that’s the one for you! The above picture gives a bit of an example of this (excuse the filter but the lighting in my sewing room isn’t great after dark so I had to improvise). If you’re working with a patterned fabric, just pick which colour you want to match and do the same thing!



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