#bpsewvember Day 9 – Game changer


#bpsewvember Day 9 – Game changer. I had to think hard about this one but I think my most recent game changer was starting a blog. For years I sort of hid my love for sewing because it wasn’t very cool but I was following other people on twitter and instagram and seeing their makes gave me the courage to start my own blog and see what happened. My confidence has grown and because I’m more confident I’m sewing more. Thanks for being my inspiration gang ❤



  1. It’s funny when you read blogs about something that interests you and then attract followers who are interested in the same thing. It sort of makes me think how popular – even cool – sewing and knitting have become again. However, when I speak to people in the ‘real world’, I find it’s mostly an illusion. In my ‘real’ life, I still have very few friends and acquaintances who do either. Still, all the more reason to join the blogging community 🙂

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    • It’s just nice to know I’m not alone haha the only other person I know who sews is my mother so apart from you lovely lot I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it! Long live the internet!


  2. That’s exactly how I feel! I find that crochet has taken everyone by storm because it’s so easy to pick up using YouTube etc. Sewing takes a lifetime to master and I also don’t know many people that sew. Apart from my students, of course:)


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