V1467 sewalong update #3

I have an update! A real life update! I must confess that I haven’t been working on my peacoat much over the last few weeks – I’ve had a lot of other things going on but I’m feeling better so I’ve picked up where I left off and have actually made some progress!


I was really struggling with fitting my muslin for the peacoat, so I turned to this group on The Fold Line for advice and got some good tips! In the end I only made a few adjustments – shortened the whole thing by an inch at the lengthen/shorten lines, let the hips out a little, did a full bust adjustment, took it in under the arms, trimmed the princess seams across the back and did a small sloping shoulder adjustment. Simageo not much really… My paper pattern is a mess of masking tape but I’m not going to worry about tracing it off as new pieces until afterwards in case I make any other adjustments during construction.

I had to shrink my wool ready for cutting. I’ve never done this before so I found this tutorial from Sewaholic and had a go. It took about 2 litres of water in the iron and almost an hour to steam 3 metres of 150cm wide wool but my skin felt great afterwards! When I bought the wool from a shop on Goldhawk Road I had asked if it had been preshrunk but the guy didn’t know and I didn’t want to risk it by not doing it, but as it turns out it didn’t shrink at all! It has slightly softened one side of the fabric but I think this has ended up being the wrong side.

I cut into my wool and somehow I have almost a metre left over! Not quite sure how I’ve managed that considering I only bought a little more than stated on the pattern envelope! I’m sure it’ll get absorbed by my stash and reappear in several years time…

(I have made some more progress since this was written, but I’ve taken some rubbish photos you’ll have to wait for update #4!)


23 thoughts on “V1467 sewalong update #3

  1. Georgia says:

    Looking forward to seeing your coat. Can I ask about your muslin because I have never actually properly made one before… Did you make the whole coat out of another fabric first? Or did you just do parts? Your wool looks lovely, I love the colour!


  2. ellegeemakes says:

    Great tips here, that I’m especially interested in as I’m about to try a coat of my own, not quite as ambitious as yours though!! I may refer back to this post as I go along…I forgot you have to preshrunk wool lol….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JaneyB says:

    That fabric looks quite similar to the one I’ve just used for a VERY much simpler garment than you are tackling at the moment. I steamed mine too – I could barely see out of the windows by the time I’d finished but I’m pretty sure it didn’t shrink at all. I’ve just blogged about the layer of berry coloured fluff that has settled all over my house from cutting the fabric! Good luck with the peacoat.


  4. JaneyB says:

    I’ve seen those dye catcher sheets but never tried them. I wish I’d used them when I washed my selvedge denim because the colour bled into the lovely white and red selvedge.


  5. jendavismiller says:

    You are coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see the finished coat – it will be sensational, no doubt. One of my goals (some day, one day….soon I hope) is to make a wool coat. So, your update was not only interesting, but helpful, as I knew nothing about pre-shrinking wool!


    • jennystitched says:

      I’m glad it was useful! I didn’t know about pre shrinking wool either before this! I hope you feel encouraged to start a coat – I’m enjoying this make more than I planned but even if it goes a bit wrong as long as it’s wearable I’ll be happy (and warm)!

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