Necessity is the mother of creation

…or something like that anyway. This post is actually about something I made at Christmas lasimaget year. For once the delay was planned and not just being too busy (lazy) to write it up!

This Christmas (the one just gone) I spent the day with Hayden’s family. His family is huge in comparison to my own, and it was decided that instead of everyone buying silly amounts of gifts for family you rarely see, a Secret Santa would be arrangeimaged and we would only need to provide one gift. An excellent way of saving pennies at a pricey time of year, but an opportunity to put a bit more thought in. Theoretically anyway…

I was given a very young family member to find a gift for. Dilemma!

I decided to make a simple embroidery hoop. I’d seen lots of really beautiful eximageamples online and they always look so cool but my embroidery skills aren’t the greatest, but nevertheless I persisted and was quite pleased with the outcome!

I  drew up a really simple design of lots of flower-type shapes, and freehand stitched until it looked quite pretty. For the name, I just found a free font online and traced the name on to my design. Easy peasy!

I used chain stitch, straight stitch and also French knots on a mint green polka dot poly-cotton to create the design, backing it with craft felt so all the knots and mess were tidied away and I’m really pleased with the outcome. I was really chuffed to finally crack French knots too! It seemed to be well received by the recipient (although I don’t think they worked out it was from me!)




23 thoughts on “Necessity is the mother of creation

  1. From Jarbidge to the End of the Oregon Trail says:

    Very pretty. I have two of those – one was given to me/mydaughter when she was born (white on white, simple French knots creating a design) and one for me from my son when he was in Kindergarten (not embroidery/crewel, but a handprint on muslin and framed on an embroidery hoop. I still have my daughter’s on the wall (30 years old). It’s a sweet keepsake. You did great!

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