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I love finding new magazines to read, especially sewing ones, but lately I’v20161023_194241e been feeling like my skills, interests or even just my personal tastes (I know I know,  can’t please everyone!) aren’t really being catered for in the current mags available. However, I’d seen a few sneak peeks of a brand new British sewing magazine on social media over the last few weeks, and when Fiona from The Sewing Directory put a plea out on instagram for bloggers to review the very first issue, I immediately volunteered!

Sew Now is the latest title from Practical Publishing, who also publish Love Sewing, Quilt Now, Knit Now and several other crafting titles, and is aimed at fashion-hungry stitchers who want to learn the skills to recreate current high street looks. If anyone is interested to see how Sew Now and Love Sewing differ, here is a 20161023_205922.jpghandy link to a comparison chart!

Sew Now is similar in terms of layout to current sewing mags, but it definitely feels much more trend-led that other titles. I especially liked that there is an article dedicated to men’s sewing – not something you ever really see in the UK but lots of us have a dad/grandpa/brother/boyfriend/husband/friend etc that we would like to sew for so I hope this is a per
manent feature! I was also pleased to see that writers and projects were created by different, lesser known sewers, pattern makers and bloggers – it’s refreshing to see and great for discovering new bloggers and projects.
The feature I particularly like in the first issue of Sew Now is the ‘Shop it or sew it’ section – this gives you key seasonal looks with recommendations for wear to buy it or what pattern wold best replicate the garment. Finding something in a shop you really love is fab, but knowing you can make it to fit you perfectly? Even better!

The magazine 20161023_194222has a decent balance of adult clothing, children;s clothing and useful home ware projects – home ware can often be a bit cutesy or not really practical, but the projects included are easy to create as well as useful pieces. This first edition has 12 different projects, many of which have free downloadable patterns to use, from a ruffled party dress to knickers! I also like that in the editor’s section, they state they are actively seeking to cover all sizes including plus sizes; it feels like they are keen to be inclusive which is unusual in a fashion-based magazine!20161023_194808.jpg

This edition came with an additional accessories booklet, and this is also well thought out – again it gives you possible high street purchases of the pattern or fabric to create the look yourself. I particularly liked this page for bags, as it looks like some perfect pattern suggestions.

Sew Now also comes with a free pattern every month and this months pattern is the Simple Sew Zoe dress/top. I haven’t yet made a Simple Sew pattern so can’t vouch for how good they20161023_194204.jpg are although I read good things online, but they have some good classic shapes and I think this particular pattern could a great addition to anyone’s sewing
pattern stash. Alternatively, you can buy the pattern here.

Now at this point, I really should admit that I don’t often buy sewing mags unless there’s a good freebie (or any mags for that matter – with decent fashion mags costing upwards of a fiver they’re a treat and I like to get my monies worth!) but I was provided this copy for free in exchange for a review. That being said, I am looking forward to next months edition!

6 thoughts on “Sew Now magazine

  1. sewing à la carte says:

    A very interesting post. I know that feeling that you described about personal taste and sewing magazines. It’s one of the reason why I decided to have no more subscriptions. Recently we were very lucky that the Spanish Patrones has become available in a Dutch translation and it’s available at newsagents and supermarkets. Besides the magazines there’s also a great variety of Indie pattern makers who also are making interesting patterns. All that being said Sew Now seams to be an interesting magazine. Love to read about your experience with this magazine in the future.

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    • jennystitched says:

      I picked up my first copy of Patrones in Madrid this week – we don’t get it in the UK and I wish there were a few more mags like it here. Burda is the only thing similar and I’m not really and fan


  2. sewchet says:

    Very interesting post, thank you, especially the comparison chart. I’ve just cancelled my subscription to Love Sewing as it features too heavily on dressmaking whereas I like a bit of everything. I’ll give this new magazine a go, based on your review.

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  3. Janet says:

    Sewing magazines are spreading right now, aren’t they? Good to see another title on the market and so useful to see the comparison with Love Sewing. I already have a subscription to that one, and based on this I think I’ll probably keep it up, but I think I can see myself picking up Sew Now from time to time.

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