#bpsewvember Day 22, 23 and 24

Day 22: Blue/green.

I always love blue but this year I’ve found myself drawn to green a lot. The green fleck jersey on the left is gorgeous, I picked it up at Sew Brum from Guthrie and Ghani and the khaki mossy green, while awful to photograph (it’s a lot less ‘pond’ coloured IRL) is a lovely soft jersey from a coupon shop in Paris.

Day 23: Selfish sew.

My name’s Jenny and I’m a Selfish Sewist! I rarely make for other people and you’ve all seen a sneak peek of my most recent unselfish sew AND most of my recent selfish sews so here are some pretty pink carnations instead (it’s a cop – out but honestly I got nothin’ for this prompt!!)

Day 24: Soundtrack.

I like to have something on playing on the laptop like a film or series so DVDs and iplayer are my go-to soundtracks. I put on things that I’ve seen a lot or that don’t require much concentration because I like the company πŸ™‚ these were just the first few I grabbed in the sewing room

Grainline Hemlock t-shirt, or ‘the shirt of many holes’

I made a t-shirt! I sewed with jersey! These things are significant in themselves as 1) I don’t normally wear t-shirts and 2) I generally avoid sewing with jerseimg-20161101-wa0006y as much as possible because I am a wimp.

I picked up this stripey navy blue and white jersey from the Rag Market for just 50p a
metre. I know at that price I wouldn’t be getting the best quality fabric but when it’s that cheap it’s a good way of practising new skills without wasting lots of money. As I was making this on the cheap, I signed up for the newsletter and downloaded the free Hemlock t-shirt pattern from Grainline Studio. I’ve made their Linden sweatshirt previously, so I knew the pattern would be reliable and well drafted.

The Hemlock is a one-size-fits-all loose fitting longer sleeved t-img-20161101-wa0010shirt with a round neck and slightly dropped shoulders. I made no adjustments to the pattern for this first version at all and it still looks loose fitting on me. I reckon it’ll fit up to a size 18 loosely and be a little more snug on a 20/22 and very roomy on a 12 or less, so this is a really useful pattern to have in your stash. On me the sleeves are about 3/4 length, so hit me mid forearm. I prefer this length as I almost never wear long sleeves fully rolled down on jumpers or cardigans. It would be very easy to lengthen the sleeves to full length or shorten as required. I found the body of the t-shirt is very long though, bordering on tunic length on me, so although for my next version I will remove a few inches from the bottom. It would make a good knit dress pattern if lengthened.

The pattern went together really quickly, and I got to have a go at twin-needling. This has worked really nicely on the neckline but on the sleeves and hem it’s not great. I adjusted my bobbin tension and lengthened the stitch slightly but I’ve still got a few skipped stitches and now the top has been washed the stitches look really loose. Has anyone got any tips for perfect twin-needling?

I only got 1 wear out of this top before the fabric started to disintegrate – I discovered the first hole when I was getting pictures taken! I stuck it in the wash and it came out with a few more holes, so I wore it as a running top once but when it came out of the wash again it’s just shredding – the blue stripes seem to be a lot weaker than the white as this is where the holes are appearing, so I wonder if this has been caused by the print process? It’s pretty much unwearable now so I’ll keep it for practising twin-needle stitching and hemming so it won’t be wasted! I am a bit disappointed I only got the 1 wear though – I spent so long matching my stripes! I want to remake this striped version of the Hemlock – I’m thinking of doing it in a white and green stripe instead this time. I have some black jersey in my stash so I want to use that first before I buy anything else!


#bpsewvember Day 19, 20 and 21

Day 19: Neutral

I don’t/can’t wear traditional neutrals because they make me look like I’m really unwell (pale for life yo) so instead I’m sharing this beautiful machine I saw in a shop window in Paris last month 😍

Day 20: Style stalk.

I love a lot of what Taylor Swift wears and would happily swap wardrobes! If only I had the legs… πŸ˜‚ (images from a Google image search – these are the first 6 and I like them all!)

Day 21: View

This is my current view – the view from my office window at work. It’s lovely watching sunsets but not when the sun starts setting so early!

#bpsewvember Day 16, 17 and 18

Day 16Β : Spots/stripes.

I actually didn’t wear stripes for a really long time because I’d read that a horizontal strip can make you look wider and spots are apparently better for the optical illusion of slimness. Then I started sewing again, became a bit more body confident and now I want to wear ALL THE STRIPES. But I still love spots! seamstress #dressmaker

Day 17: Stash.

You’ve all seen my embarrassingly large fabric stash so here’s my considerably smaller ribbon and trim stash 😍 (I’m always behind on these photo challenges πŸ˜‚)

Day 18: Power up.

I’ve noticed lately I keep opting for easy makes and ignoring the slightly more complicated projects out of nothing more than laziness, so I want to tackle jeans AND sportswear by the end of the year if I can. I got some cheap denim in Paris for a first go at the Closet Case Ginger jeansΒ and I bought this fab splatter lycra from Cali Fabrics for some running leggings (undecided on pattern but thinking something from Fehrtrade??). Wish me luck!

#bpsewvember Day 13, 14 and 15

Day 13: Selfless sew.

I don’t do a lot of selfless sewing although I feel like I probably should do more! This is a sneak peek of a long since finished Negroni shirt I made for Hayden. I think it’s my only selfless sew this year?! It will be on the blog… at some point… πŸ˜‚

Day 14: Yellow/orange.

As a pasty white blonde, yellow is not a kind colour for me, but I am a recent orange convert!

Day 15: Memories

I’ve had this colourful toolbox for about a million years – it was my very first sewing box! I now have a slightly more chic clear one and several other boxes but this one always reminds me of being younger!

#bpsewvember Day 10, 11 and 12

Day 10: Shopping list

I don’t often make a shopping list as I don’t normally have much of a sewing plan, but eventually I want to buy a giant cutting mat and rotary cutter!

Day 11: The Vault

This is a dress made about 6 years ago for someone I was at RADA with – a self-drafted, fully corseted with about a million full length panels, double duchess satin with handmade french lace overlay. She looked absolutely amazing in it and it was a really challenging project at a time when my confidence was very low but now I want to make ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!!! πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

Day 12: New to me

These are my most recent sewing purchases – two 1940’s Vogue patterns from a local vintage charity shop for a steal. One is from before rationing ended, one is just a few months after 😍 If anyone is able to date them for me or direct me to where I could find out myself, please let me know!

#bpsewvember Day 7, 8 and 9

Day 7: Playing favourites

I don’t really have any particular favourite fabrics or patterns, or at least nothing I could pinpoint as ‘the one’ so this photo is a bit of a vague interpretation πŸ˜‚ my favourite part of autumn is the leaves changing colour, and a favourite Liberty print is Manuela – I love it so much I bought shoes in the print that match my Liberty Linden!

Day 8: Dear past me

I’m not sure I’d give past me too much advice – if I changed anything I wouldn’t be who I am now! What I would tell myself though is that I should spend a lot less time worrying about what other people think! As an adult I still need to learn how to do this haha. Oh, also, hairbands are a poor choice in the nineties and definitely don’t do that fringe thing you did in year 7 πŸ˜‚

Day 9: Me Made Collection

This is just a few bits of me-made I have, but eventually I’d like to have pretty much everything in my wardrobe to be handmade! I don’t have a very coherent wardrobe either so hopefully as the RTW diminishes I’ll develop a perfect capsule wardrobe!

#bpsewvember Day 4, 5 and 6

Day 4: Fun

One of the fun things about sewing for me is that it’s a truly international skill – all around the world are people just like me sitting making wonderful things! When I go abroad I’ve started trying to pick up so fabric or trim from a local shop so when I get round to using it I’m reminded of my trip. It’s not always possible to buy fabric but you can normally buy seeing magazines, and that’s kind of the same thing πŸ˜‰ speaking of which, I’m off to Paris TOMORROW!! Where are the best shops to visit??? Β EDIT: have now been to Paris but will most definitely be going back so suggestions still very much welcome!

Day 5: On my table.

This is my cutting table. It desperately needs a tidy but I’ve been in Madrid and Paris and now I have a horrible cold and Hayden has food poisoning so not much is getting tidied tonight!

Day 6: Red/purple.

I don’t really wear a lot of either colour, although I do think I need to expand my wardrobe beyond safe black, navy and rust orange! I picked this super silky polyester in Paris on Saturday because I liked the little red tipped triangles!

#bpsewvember Day 1, 2 and 3

Day 1: Hi there!

I’m Jenny πŸ˜€ I’ve been sewing for about a million years and trained as a costume maker. I like running, cats, travelling and quizzes.

Day 2:Wackiest patternΒ 

Like many other people, I’m interpreting today’s prompt quite loosely as I don’t really have any wacky patterns to show you (I have one particular 1980’s gem that comes to mind but it’s not very wacky lol) so here is the wackiest patterned fabric I own. It’s so not me but it’s beautiful and mad and I love it!Β 

Day 3: Up close

This is a detail of a super cool button from my stash. As far as I can tell it’s military but I know nothing more!

#bpsewvember 2016

The lovely Amanda from Bimble and Pimble has organised #bpsewvember for another year and I’ve literally decided in the last 5 minutes I’m going to take part! I’m going to post daily on instagramΒ (also in the sidebar) but will group a few prompts together for posts here so you don’t get completely bombarded haha!

If you’re interested in last year’s photo challenge, check out the #bpsewvember category in the sidebar!