#bpsewvember Day 4, 5 and 6

Day 4: Fun

One of the fun things about sewing for me is that it’s a truly international skill – all around the world are people just like me sitting making wonderful things! When I go abroad I’ve started trying to pick up so fabric or trim from a local shop so when I get round to using it I’m reminded of my trip. It’s not always possible to buy fabric but you can normally buy seeing magazines, and that’s kind of the same thing 😉 speaking of which, I’m off to Paris TOMORROW!! Where are the best shops to visit???  EDIT: have now been to Paris but will most definitely be going back so suggestions still very much welcome!

Day 5: On my table.

This is my cutting table. It desperately needs a tidy but I’ve been in Madrid and Paris and now I have a horrible cold and Hayden has food poisoning so not much is getting tidied tonight!

Day 6: Red/purple.

I don’t really wear a lot of either colour, although I do think I need to expand my wardrobe beyond safe black, navy and rust orange! I picked this super silky polyester in Paris on Saturday because I liked the little red tipped triangles!


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