#bpsewvember Day 7, 8 and 9

Day 7: Playing favourites

I don’t really have any particular favourite fabrics or patterns, or at least nothing I could pinpoint as ‘the one’ so this photo is a bit of a vague interpretation 😂 my favourite part of autumn is the leaves changing colour, and a favourite Liberty print is Manuela – I love it so much I bought shoes in the print that match my Liberty Linden!

Day 8: Dear past me

I’m not sure I’d give past me too much advice – if I changed anything I wouldn’t be who I am now! What I would tell myself though is that I should spend a lot less time worrying about what other people think! As an adult I still need to learn how to do this haha. Oh, also, hairbands are a poor choice in the nineties and definitely don’t do that fringe thing you did in year 7 😂

Day 9: Me Made Collection

This is just a few bits of me-made I have, but eventually I’d like to have pretty much everything in my wardrobe to be handmade! I don’t have a very coherent wardrobe either so hopefully as the RTW diminishes I’ll develop a perfect capsule wardrobe!


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