#bpsewvember Day 16, 17 and 18

Day 16 : Spots/stripes.

I actually didn’t wear stripes for a really long time because I’d read that a horizontal strip can make you look wider and spots are apparently better for the optical illusion of slimness. Then I started sewing again, became a bit more body confident and now I want to wear ALL THE STRIPES. But I still love spots! seamstress #dressmaker

Day 17: Stash.

You’ve all seen my embarrassingly large fabric stash so here’s my considerably smaller ribbon and trim stash 😍 (I’m always behind on these photo challenges 😂)

Day 18: Power up.

I’ve noticed lately I keep opting for easy makes and ignoring the slightly more complicated projects out of nothing more than laziness, so I want to tackle jeans AND sportswear by the end of the year if I can. I got some cheap denim in Paris for a first go at the Closet Case Ginger jeans and I bought this fab splatter lycra from Cali Fabrics for some running leggings (undecided on pattern but thinking something from Fehrtrade??). Wish me luck!


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