#bpsewvember Day 25, 26 and 27

Day 25: Chore.

Tidying up is definitely the worst part of sewing (and the reason why I haven’t done any for a few weeks) and I put it off off as long as possible 😂 my plan for tomorrow is to tidy up, hoover the button rug (thread magnet fyi) and then finish 2 projects I’ve been ignoring lol

Day 26: Print/floral.

I actually have no preference for either! My fabric stash is a mix of both but I’m planning on making more solid colour basics to make my wardrobe more coherent

Day 27: One off.

Apart from costumes I don’t really have any one offs – when I find a pattern I like I tend to make it up a couple of times! Instead for today my response is this (I’ve had it saved on my phone for ages because I am a super nerd 😂)


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