Ogden Cami by True Bias

Time to start blogging that queue of makes! It’s not a big queue but I have fallen behind and want to catch up a bit before we get too far in to 2017!

I made this back in September or October so the making details are a little fuzzy I’m afraid! This has been written from memory as I didn’t take many pictures during making it as it was so quick to whizz up. I hadn’t realised how much I wanted simple cami tops in my life until True Bias released their latest pattern, the Ogden Cami, earlier this year. I had bought something very similar years ago and wore it all the time, but eventually stopped wearing it because the fit was a bit off (no surprises there, Primark…).

I look a bit like an egg but I’m in front of the Eiffel Tower so who cares?! (me)

The Ogden is a slightly fitted, partially lined strappy camisole top, and when I saw it on social media, I loved it immediately, but was reluctant to buy it because of the lack of a bust dart. As I normally need to do a FBA I was a bit put off buying the pattern because I thought the top would just drape badly and not be very flattering. I did a lot of hunting around online to see if there was a similar style that had a bust dart, but came up empty handed. I decided to bite the bullet and make it up as is and see how it looked. I am pleased to say I was totally wrong about the Ogden being unflattering – it’s loose and floaty without being oversized and is very comfy to wear as well as very good for hiding those bloated days!

I made this version out of a colourful viscose from the Rag Market in Birmingham that was Β£2 a metre and made it up as drafted, cutting a 14 at the bust down to an 18 to accommodate my hips and shortening the straps by 5cm (it would have been indecent otherwise!). It’s comfy to wear and the v-neck on the front and back neckline iimg-20161101-wa0012s very flattering. My only quibble with the pattern is that the partial lining stops mid-boob so the seam sits in an unkind place and therefore rides up a bit and makes the top look a bit lumpy. In my next version I will lengthen the lining piece to make sure the seam sits more or less level with the bottom of my bra too prevent it wiggling up too much. I also think the pattern comes up a little big, so I chopped loads off the paper pattern only to discover I’d removed WAY too much and had to stick it all back
on again. Naturally I only discovered my mistake when I made a second version in another fabric and couldn’t get it on… Whoops! In hindsight I’d rather have it a little looser and have the room to breathe and move comfortably. I do have to own up to not wearing this as much as I should do but only because I am too lazy to iron it – the viscose is lightweight and wrinkles a lot but it’s so comfy.

This is a quick make and is a great layering piece for the coming chilly months. I’ve already made a second (successful) version which will be on the blog soon!






  1. I once made a shirt that had the same issue with the lining! I never wore it again… But remembered that for future. I like the drap of this top. It is very flattering- and the color looks great on you as well. Happy sewing in 2017!


  2. It looks fabulous and you do not look at all like an egg!

    (So, no FBA at all?? I wondered the exact same about this pattern but it looks great on you so now I’m thinking I may have judged it too soon…!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fab top, I also wondered about the lack of dart so this is fab to know, I think the fabric is lovely and it looks great on


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