A spotty Ogden cami

photo-26-10-2016-15-40-38-2After the general success of my first version of the Ogden Cami from true Bias (ignoring the 2nd attempt that was miniscule lol) I knew I would want a few more versions in my wardrobe as this is a great staple piece that works great dressed up or down.

This version is the same as my first version, made up in this multi-coloured polka dot silky polyestery type fabric. This was actually something my mum bought from the Rag Market ages ago –  I had buyers remorse because I didn’t buy any but she kindly gave me what was left over from her project. I loved it because the little dots look like planets! Space nerd. There was more than enough to squeeze out an Ogden – this is a good stash-busting pattern!

As mentioned in my first Ogden post, I added 2 inches in length to the lining pieces and this sits in a much better position and doesn’t drift up at all. Howevephoto-26-10-2016-15-41-11-4r for some reason this version there is a lot more room around the hips – it really needs taking in a little bit and the pattern adjusting (properly this time lol) but for now it’s fine. The straps also feel a little too short in this version – there isn’t any stretch in the fabric whereas there is a little give in viscose, so I’ll have to remember that for the next version. I didn’t turn the hem on the lining sections this time either – this seemed like it would add bulk so I just left it overlocked to keep it flat and neat. I think on my next version I will also add another 1.5 inches to the length of the top layer piece as I feel like it’s a little bit short on me. Maybe a split hem on a longer version might work… *plots*

This version has already had a lot of wear, and surprisingly goes with most of my cardigans haha! I think a few plain coloured versions would be useful and practical layering pieces, so when I get round to sorting my fabric stash I’ll see what I have in there to use up! photo-26-10-2016-15-40-25-2

(Hayden took these pictures in Retiro Park in Madrid last October – that’s how long I’ve been ignoring my drafts haha! Madrid is a great city and the monument to Alfonso XII is stunning!)


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