March sewing plans

It’s that time again folks! I always forget how quickly February comes and goes. I feel like I barely had a chance to get going with anything at all! I’m hoping for a productive March – I’ve got my diary next to me to help keep me organised! I want to cram a lot in because I will barely have any time in April to do any sewing at all and what time I do have will go towards making a frock for the Dressmakers Ball in May!

  • Make another Ogden Cami. I’ve made 2 already but I bought some great mystery synthetic fabric in a Parisian coupon shop that has been earmarked as an Ogden since November!
  • Make a t-shirt for Hayden. While in Paris last year I picked up a great khaki-olive green jersey and I’ve seen a good Burda pattern for it that I want to buy (should probably put buying that on here too!)
  • Alter some jeans. Some of you may remember I had a small fiasco buying jeans in January – I found some but they stretch into ‘mum jean’ territory in less than an hour of wear so I want to take the legs in a bit to make them fit better. Anything but having to go jean shopping again…
  • Make the cardigan from Threadcount 1607 that was one of my #2017makenine plans. I’m hoping it’ll be a quick make with little fitting as I never wear cardigans done up anyway.
  • Make the Valentina top in the recent special plus size edition of La Maison Victor magazine. I love the interesting V-neck detail but I’m a bit worried about all the tracing (already being lazy, whoops).
  • Make the Datura blouse from Deer and Doe! I have the pattern and the fabric but do I have the time…

February in review

I feel like February wasn’t as successful as January was but I did achieve about 60% of my list. I did make 3 different versions of New Look 6483 (bar a few slip stitches and losing the buttons, nightmare) which will be on the blog soon, I did buy the Datura pattern and I did get around to fixing my peacoat, but I only caught up with 2 posts instead of 4 and I definitely didn’t make any more progress on sorting my stash. I think because it’s so nearly finished I’ve lost a bit of motivation but it’s already proved to be a useful thing to do so I really should knuckle down…

How are your makes for the year going? Have you made any of the patterns I’ve picked for March? Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any hints and tips!


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