April sewing plans

March has flown by! Thankfully I have had a surprisingly productive month and I’ve done a lot of sewing (and a bit too much fabric shopping, whoops). However I have a very busy April ahead of me so I only have 3 goals for the month:

  • Finish sorting my fabric stash. Yep, the same goal I had in January and February! I haven’t made any progress at all this month, and if anything have made it worse when rifling through the tubs to find fabrics! Hopefully it won’t take long to finish. I don’t plan on tackling the scrap bin though, it seems like a waste of time sorting through dozens of scraps when it’ll be more fun hunting for the right scrap for the right project!
  • Catch up on a few blog posts. I currently have 11 in draft that need work, so if I could get a few published I’ll be happy – most of them are catch-up posts left over from last year!
  • Do a toile for my Dressmakers Ball dress. I have the pattern and the fabric but I really want to nail the fit. I haven’t made a proper cocktail dress and I want to make the most of the fabric.

March in review

March has been a really good month and a lot of this will be on the blog in the next few weeks. I made another Ogden cami, a t-shirt for Hayden, the Threadcount cardigan and altered some jeans. I also made a pair of short pyjamas which wasn’t something on my original list but are something I hadn’t realised I needed! I didn’t make the Datura blouse and the Valentina tee though, I just ran out of month! I am hoping to get these soon though!



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