May sewing plans

What a month. In my April post I did say I was going to have a very busy month – I went to China! As I was away for 2 weeks, I did pretty much no sewing at all over April. Before we flew out I was busy prepping and packing to go away, and then when we got back I was jet lagged and then I caught a cold (which I’m still nursing, cough sniff) so I haven’t had much energy over the last few days! However this month is a little bit more calm so fingers crossed I can get more done! I have a few goals for this month:

  • Finish my dress for the Dressmakers Ball! I’ve done the fitting, I’ve assembled most of the dress but I need to work on the lining and the overlay. I did not pick an easy fabric for the overlay (it’s going to be horrendous), so that is probably going to take the longest amount of time! Don’t worry, I will be writing a post about later in the month and will reveal all then!
  • Make the Valentina t-shirt from La Maison Victor. This was a goal for March but I just never got round to it. Hopefully it’ll be a quick make!
  • Make another Sewaholic Granville shirt. I’ve made 3 versions of this now so fingers crossed this will also be a quick make. I picked up a really great summery cotton in China.
  • Make another Simplicity 2255 shirt. I made this a year or so ago but I picked up a really great crepe from Adam Ross at the Birmingham Fabric meet organised by Samantha and Bianca that I think would suit this pattern nicely.


April in review

The only goal I achieved in April was to toile my dress for the Dressmakers Ball. I didn’t catch up on any posts or do any cataloging of fabric but I did pick up a few great fabrics in China. Keep your eyes posted for a post soon! Plus, I won a competition! Crafty Sew and So, the sewing shop in Leicester responsible for the Dressmakers Ball had run a competition on instagram and I was lucky enough to be randomly selected! I don’t need an excuse to spend £££ on sewing things haha.


One comment

  1. Congratulations with your win and looking forward to see where you open the money on. I hope you had a wonderful time In China. Can’t wait to see yay version go the LMV Valentina t-shirt. It’s on my sewing list as well.


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