A Parisian Ogden cami

You’ve probably guessed by now that I love the Ogden cami from True Bias. I’ve made it twice before – it’s comfy, flattering and above all EASY to make. You can see my previous versions here and here; it’s definitely an easy piece of clothing to build outfits around as just the right balance of casual and smart! I don’t really have much else to add to what I’ve already written, it’s just such a great staple pattern.


I picked up this gorgeous synthetic fabric from a coupon shop in Paris last November, I think it was Le Marché Saint Pierre (the one on the corner!). If you’re not familiar with French coupon shops, they sell pre-cut lengths of fabric at a fixed price, generally starting from €5 for 3 metres. Some also sell fabric by the metre but in Montmartre most seem to sell pre-cut fabric. This was just in a tub inside the shop – at just €5 I couldn’t leave it! It’s lightweight with great movement but not at all sheer. It didn’t shrink at all when I pre-washed it and didn’t run either. I have no idea what it’s made of but it feels lovely to wear. I think the little red and white triangles look like like watermelons, my mum said it reminded her of the tips of pencils and Bianca from Sleepless in Bavaria (who I saw again at the recent fabric shopping meet up she had helped arrange) said it reminded her of American candy corn!

I made a slight adjustment to this version. On my first version the straps felt too long so I shortened them by 5cm for my second, but that feels too short! I added the length back on to the straps and this feels perfect. Definitely goes to show how a fabric can determine how a pattern fits. I also added 5cm to the hem as I felt like my first two versions were just a fraction too short, and I’m happier with a slightly more tunic-style length. It feels a little bit more chic!IMG_0006

These photos were taken in Shanghai in April, on pretty much the last day of our holiday.  I wore this top a few times as it dried quickly after being washed and packed small. On this particular day I was hot, I was tired, my feet were in a complete state and it was bloody windy, so I’m sorry these photos are a bit ‘pinterest’ looking but I think I look cute. As Hayden was taking these people kept stopping to take pictures of us, which happened a lot while we were there – do let me know if you spot a random photo of me in China!



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