#sewphotohop Days 1 to 7

Hello! I’m taking part in #sewphotohop again this year. If you don’t yet know what #sewphotohop is a photo challenge organised by Rachel from House of Pinheiro. You can check out the list of daily prompts here.

Last year I did a post every day but this felt a bit like I was bombarding you all so I’m going to do what I did for #sewvember and do a weekly summary post. If you feel like you can’t wait that long, you can check out my instagram here. If you want to join in, it’s isn’t too late – post everyday is not mandatory but there are prizes to be won if you do join in at some point this month!

Day 1: Introductions. Hello! I’m Jenny 😃 I’ve been sewing on and off for about 20 years (since I was a kid) and am a self-confessed fabric hoarder

Day 2: Essential Kit. My essentials (apart from the obvious like a sewing machine) are good quality scissors and pins. Using properly sharp scissors and pins allows you to be much more precise! 😃

Day 3: Seasonal Colours. I tend to wear the same thing all year round so I don’t really sew seasonally, but I have bought a lot of pink lately which is very unlike me. I found these beautiful wools in Barry’s today and I loved the jewel tones 😍😍

Day 4: Plans. I am a bit of a whim-led sewist and I’m pretty rubbish at organising my sewing plans, so I bought a diary to keep me in check. It hasn’t worked very well 😂 I do have a few plans for this month that I’ll put up on the blog soon!

Day 5: Knowledge Hub. When I get stuck on something, or I don’t understand something, I turn to my books and the internet. This one is a particular favourite – it’s packed with so much information

Day 6: Sewing Space. This is all I can show you of my sewing room as this is the only acceptably untidy section – the rest is a complete and utter tip 🙈 definitely not instagram or pinterest worthy!!

Day 7: Favourite Skill. I suppose this one is a bit out in left field but my favourite skill is probably being able to not lose my head when things go wrong. It was one of the most valuable lessons I learned at drama school and it does take practice to keep calm in a sewing crisis! It’s definitely one skill I use a lot





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