#sewphotohop Days 8 – 14

Day 8: Inside Out. I like a good neat seam finish. I used french seams for a recent make and remembered how nice they look inside!

Day 9: Past Era. As someone who has lived in jeans for more than a decade, i don’t have a particular favourite past era that I love to see. That being said, I am always drawn to the sassy, elegant fifties ladies 😍😍 I have a real mix of vintage patterns from the 30s onwards – maybe I should start making some up!

Day 10: Oops I Made A Mistake. A mistake I keep making is buying too many sewing mags that I don’t have room for or the time to read them

Day 11: Why I Sew. I hadn’t really thought about this, about why I sew. My mum taught me as a child and it’s been something I have enjoyed for most of my life. I persued an education where sewing would be part of my job, and although I have wandered a long way from that career path (for now at least), sewing still makes me happy. Over the last few days I have read some incredible, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes totally uplifting responses to this prompt. I can’t provide any new or profound insight to my own reasons for sewing but for me it is the thing that makes me feel most like *me*. I can create and learn and be practical and angry or happy or sad or all sorts of states of minds and still accomplish something when I sew, no matter how tiny an accomplishment that might be


Day 12: Proudest Of. I’m really proud of my little blog 🙌 Starting a blog was one of the best things I did in 2015 – it has led to me meeting some incredible people, it’s made me push myself again with my sewing and it’s given me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities

Day 13: Active Wear or Lounge Wear. I’m all about active wear sewing! I have started making my own running wear as I’m pearshaped and nothing ever fits right (and when you’re cramming yourself into Lycra the fit has GOT to be right 😂). Keeping my fingers crossed I can snap up a @fehrtrade kit at@thegbsblive next weekend

Day 14: Polka Dots or Stripes. I rarely wear stripes even though I love them, but based on my memades polka dots have the lead!


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