#sewphotohop Day 15 – 21

Day 15: Close Up. This is a close up of the sequins on my dress for #thedressmakersball back in May 😍

Day 16: Procrastination. As you’ve probably spotted, I procrastinate a lot by sitting on the sofa under a pile of blankets. I am normally reading about sewing related things but not actually *doing* anything… (took this photo yesterday when I was procrastinating about finding a better representation of procrastination 😂)

Day 17: Handmade Holiday. It’s always really nice to take memades on holiday as it’s nice to have good memories connected to a garment – whenever I wear this top I remember walking on the Great Wall of China and singing songs from Mulan 😂

Day 18: One Piece or Separates and Day 19: Signature Style. I’ve combined these two prompts because they’re basically the same – comfy, classic separates with interesting details is what makes up my wardrobe. That being said, I do want to focus on making more separates that work better with everything else in my wardrobe

Day 20: Special Occasion. The last big special occasion I made something for was #thedressmakersball back in May 😍😍 I want to wear sequins every day! (edit: I can’t work out how to embed a video of this dress in motion but there is one on my instagram!)

Day 21: Stepping Up. I need to step up my game when it comes to making pieces to fill gaps in my wardrobe. I got this for my birthday and can’t wait to knuckle down!


One thought on “#sewphotohop Day 15 – 21

  1. sewchet says:

    I like the sound of that book – sounds a very useful and efficient way to make clothes. I also love reading about all things crafty, but I’m pretty good at just getting on with it rather than procrastinating:)


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