#sewphotohop Day 22 – 29

Day 22: Trims and Haberdashery. I love trimmings but I actually don’t have much (at least in comparison to my fabric stash…). I did stumble across *actual* button heaven in Shanghai earlier this year though – who wouldn’t want an entire room for trim and haberdashery?!

Day 23: Repurpose. I took this at @thegbsblive on Saturday but I can’t remember which stall it was 😑 this cushion is made from upcycled ties – I’ve got a bag of my dad’s old ties so I thought I might try to recreate this cushion made by Stitchless TV that I saw at the Great British Sewing Bee Live!

Day 24: What Makes Me Happy. One of the things that make me happy is the promise a piece of cloth holds. A flat rectangle of fabric can be turned into a 3D shape that we can actually wear – who wouldn’t be happy about all that possibility?!

Day 25: Would Closet Swap With… I would to swap wardrobes with Reese Witherspoon. Her style is classic but not overdressed and she always looks comfy and properly ‘put together’

Day 26: Labour of Love. Not my labour as I don’t have anything to share that you haven’t already seen 😂

Day 27: Storage. My sewing room is a mess but after spotting loads of great vintage tins at the antiques fair yesterday I want a bookshelf that is full of tins stuffed with sewing treasure! (I never finish these instagram things on time 😂

Day 28: Print or Solid. turns out I’m predominantly a patterns girl! I’ve started reading Aanuschka Rees’ ‘The Curated Closet’ so that might change but for now, pass me the prints!

Day 29: Zippers or Buttons. I have no preference so here are some beautiful 1940s buttons (plastic or Bakelite – how do I tell?) from the antiques fair last weekend 😍


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