Happy as a Lark…?

IMG_0563Everyone raves about the Lark t-shirt pattern from Grainline Studio, and now I understand why. I actually made this top back in June – it was even photographed promptly, which is unusual for me! But I do have to confess… I don’t actually like this particular version very much!

The pattern is a simple tee pattern but it features 4 different necklines and 4 different sleeve lengths, which means this pattern features a generous 16 possible versions! As expected, the instructions are clear and this is a pretty easy sew. It’s a versatile pattern and well worth having in your stash! It goes together nicely – if you’ve made a few I reckon this could be whipped up in less than an hour.

I made the boatneck version with three IMG_0601quarter length sleeves in a really pretty floral knit that I ordered from Fabworks Mill Shop (I think). I love the print; it’s a bit retro and not too large, but I don’t like the fabric itself. I had ordered it expecting it to be some sort of poly-cotton mix but it’s a synthetic knit that (to me at least) just doesn’t feel very nice to wear – this is obviously personal preference and not a criticism of Fabworks. I also think the length of the sleeves in this print is wrong – it seems frumpy and old fashioned. I did debate shortening the sleeves to the short length but as I made this in June I’ve been holding out for colder weather to see if this will be a good layering piece as it currently is. I will keep you posted if I learn to love it! If you want to see a version of the Lark tee that I do love, check out my post on the Cali Fabrics blog.


One thought on “Happy as a Lark…?

  1. tialys says:

    Funnily enough, I made a Renfrew in a similar small floral knit fabric which I feel is a little frumpy – although other people admire it! It has 3/4 length sleeves though which perhaps relieves the inherent frumpiness a little.
    I think your version is very pretty but I nipped over and had a look at your preferred version and I can see why you like it better. It’s a fabric ‘thing’ I think.
    You should still wear the blue and white floral though – even if only for layering – it has a ‘Liberty-esque’ feel to it which can’t be bad.


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