December sewing plans

November has flown by, and as we approach the festive season, if you’re anything like me it can be easy to take on too many projects during an already busy period. I already know that despite my best laid plans I will probably plan too much for this month – but I guess that isn’t much different from any normal month! This month I hope to:

  • make a t-shirt for Hayden. Yep, the one I planned to make in November…
  • finish knitting my hat. Yesterday it snowed (for about 90 seconds though) but the wind is icy cold at the minute and I really need a hat!
  • finish sorting my stash. I went a bit mad in Walthamstow market at the weekend and really need to find room for it all. Hopefully I will be able to sort out a bit of a destash sale on instagram. Right now I probably have enough to open my own shop…
  • finish and send my Linden swap. Thankfully it’s a quick sew and the deadline is looming, so I have no excuse not to get this one done!
  • make a Christmas stocking for Hayden. He doesn’t have one and has therefore been missing out on the mandatory satsuma for several years.
  • make some plans for 2018. It’s only a month away and I would like to have a few things down on paper at least!

November in review

I worked on a secret project I had not anticipated so that took up a few weeks of last month – don’t worry, I will be able to share more soon. A pattern review I wrote is in the latest issue of Sew Now magazine – I’m in print for the first time! I did start knitting my hat but it turns out I suck at knitting (I ripped out the rib section about 10 times and started over so many times) but if I at least end up with something wearable that will be a success in my book! I made a navy blue vest top which will be on the blog… at some point… I did make the Linden sweatshirt I had planned – I am obsessed and want to wear it all the time. I didn’t eat the frog and make those bloody trousers and I don’t think they’re ever going to get made at this rate. I did do some visible mending on some jeans which, so far at least, is holding up well!


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