Oh Adelaide

It’s December, it’s nearly Christmas… so today I’m posting about a little summer dress!

Does anyone else get a sudden strong urge to make something new to wear to an event IMG_0723even when you know you don’t really have the time? A couple of months ago was the New Craft House summer party and although I was looking forward to going, I was just planning on wearing something comfy with jeans, nothing too fancy. Until 4pm on the Friday beforehand, that is. Sat at my desk at work, I suddenly desperately needed to make a new dress for the next day. It needed to be quick, comfy and use up my stash, so I settled on making another Seamwork Adelaide dress in a really pretty floral viscose from my stash.

As time was of the essence I went straight to John Lewis after work to buy suitable buttons. As I hadn’t been home yet to dig out the fabric I wasn’t sure I still had enough of to use, I had to take a wild stab in the dark when picking matching thread and buttons and I don’t think I did too badly! The thread is a perfect match – what are the odds?! I chose plastic buttons that look like iridescent bubbles which pick up all the IMG_0781colours in the print and keep the dress looking light and fresh. They, however, are incredibly difficult to photograph – they’re there, I promise!

You may remember I documented the making process in my instagram stories and I had to stop sewing at about 2am, but I got the dress done! As you know from my previous version of this dress, I love the Adelaide pattern as it is a great one for dressing up or down. I can imagine that a lightweight denim/chambray or even a soft wool blend would work well with a polo neck and thick tights in winter. I want to raid my stash and see what fabric I have that might suit a cold weather version!


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