January sewing plans


Photo taken by me on a Christmas Eve walk

It’s 2018! I know it’s a cliché but I am excited for this year – 2017 flew by and as you know from my monthly posts my year was quite up and down in terms of sewing and productivity, so I am ready for a strong start to 2018!

  • My first big goal for 2018 is to not buy any fabric for 6 months… I know! It sounds a little bit extreme, but I already have 158 pieces in my stash (and I definitely have more pieces that I haven’t yet counted) and I am at the point where I cannot justify buying any more without using some of what I already own. I do have a few exceptions to the stash diet though – I am allowed to fabric shop if I am on holiday or if I am near a shop that I cannot get to without having to travel for more than 3 hours to get to. I will also allow myself to buy in order to finish projects if I have no suitable alternative (but I only have 1 project planned that I’ll probably need to do this for!). I am actually writing this post while listening to episode 3 of the Love To Sew podcast and they’re discussing how to reduce the stash which has been really interesting! I am also going to join in with Karoline from Offsquare who has started a #stashdiet hashtag on instagram – you can read more about her plan here.
  • Make jeans! These are part of my #2018makenine plans and as I said in my last post, I have no excuse to not start the year with a project that will push me! I ordered the Ginger jeans pattern about a million years ago but I only sent off to Netprinter for A0 printing this week – my mum and I are planning on making these at the same time so hopefully we can nail the fit this month!
  • Make a Deer and Doe Melilot shirt. This is also part of my #2018makenine plans and I have already made this pattern (for Sew Now magazine, but as yet unblogged) but I have a great crepey print that would be great for a long sleeved version. I’m hoping this will be a good palette cleanser when the jeans get too much!

December in review

I finished knitting my hat, although I still need to block it and then sew the faux fur pompom on. I didn’t make Hayden a t-shirt but I did make one as a gift for his brother-in-law for Christmas. I still haven’t finished sorting my stash, although I have crammed a few more pieces into boxes! I finished my Linden swap but my swap partner has been travelling over Christmas so I don’t think they have opened it yet. I also made a Christmas stocking for Hayden which I will try to share soon (or it’ll have to wait until December 2018) and I plan on spending the rest of the New Year weekend writing some plans for the next twelve months. Now that I have written it down, December has been my most productive month in ages – definitely a positive note to end the year on!


3 thoughts on “January sewing plans

  1. tialys says:

    I did a year long fabric fast a couple of years ago but only lasted four months 🙂 I think, if I’d set six months as a goal rather than twelve, and allowed myself some ‘loopholes’ as you have done, I might have made it. Good luck!

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