A quick sewing fix

2018 has got off to a bit a weird start – I have lots of plans but I just can’t seem to make myself pick something and start it! After a long week at work, I came home with a strong need to make something, anything, as long as I could just sit at my machine and bust out IMG_1200a completed make in a couple of hours. One could interpret that as procrastination, but still, needs must, and I needed to make something!

I settled on making some sort of zip-up pouch to protect my digital camera a bit better while I lug it around in my bag, so I searched the internet for free patterns for wash bags. It only took me about 4 minutes to stumble across this great tutorial from threebears.wordpress.com. Unfortunately this is the only post on this blog, IMG_1199which is a shame as the instructions and photos are really clear and easy to follow. I made mine slightly larger than stated in the tutorial but followed the same principle regarding size (I did 11″ x 9″ instead of 8″ x 6″). I did do something silly and forgot to move the zip pull before sewing up the short sides, so I did have to unpick a little bit but I was still able to complete this from start to finish in about 2 hours and I felt much better afterwards! I haven’t finished all the inside seams and I don’t plan to as nobody will ever see it but me. In the spirit of using only my stash, the fabric I used was some left over canvas from Ikea that I used here and it isn’t really robust enough to protect my camera from rain or hard bumps, but it’ll do for dry easy days and the pouch fits my camera in with room to spare!




13 thoughts on “A quick sewing fix

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    This is super cute!
    I have just bought myself a sewing machine and I am bricking my pants, but this seems like a do-able first project. Like I can understand the steps and imagine how it’ll come together (other patterns and stuff seem like magic right now) but is it okay for a first project?…

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    • jennystitched says:

      Don’t be scared! 😊 this probably a good first project to have a go at because you’re only dealing with 2 rectangular pieces of fabric and sewing straight lines, plus you can learn a new skill straight away by inserting a zip (which is not scary, it’s just 2 straight lines!). If you have any questions when you start, drop me an email on my contact page 😊


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