March sewing plans

As usual my monthly planning post is late. Would you expect anything else? February was another busy month but I was able to tick some things off some lists and start formulating some plans for the coming months.

I actually have quite a few plans for March. There are lots of other exciting things going on this month so whether I am able to plough through it all is another matter, but I am sure you all know by now that I do like to set potentially unmanageable goals each month! As we are already days in I have made a start on some things, but I had writen my plans in February so it still counts! So far I plan to:

  • Work on my make for the My Handmade Wardrobe blog tour. Fingers crossed this is a quick make!
  • Make my bag from Niizo Craft. This was my Christmas present from my mum and I am really looking forward to sewing some things this year that aren’t garments.
  • Make another t-shirt for Hayden. I’ll probably use the same pattern as I have for the previous tees I have made him so this should be quick too.
  • Sew up a few stretch tops for me. I recently got some gorgeous jersey from Abakhan (don’t worry, it was an exception to my self-imposed stash diet rules!) that I want to make up asap. I also have some jersey I picked up in Germany that is crying out to be used!
  • Start fitting a trouser project. I need more trousers!
  • Finish an embroidery kit I started last year. I have a fair way to go with this but I think a little bit each evening will help, as well as help my stress levels!

February in review

I made jeans! Wearable jeans! There are still some issues with fit that need ironing out so I will try to pick up more denim soon to have another go. I recently asked on instagram and twitter if buying fabric to have another go at jeans was allowed under the stash diet, as it would be part of the same project and there was an overwhelming agreement that it was fine to buy more denim… You enablers, you 😉

It was surprisingly nice to just have one project to focus on for 4 weeks, plus I was able to tick off a make from my 2018 Make Nine. I know I have a lot of things to squeeze in this month and I want to see how I feel at the end of the month – does a smaller to-do list work better for me or does having to work under pressure make me a better maker?


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