April sewing plans

As always, this post is a few days late. However in my defense, until today I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make! I already have a busy month ahead so there won’t be a huge amount of time to sit and sew but it would be nice to tick a few projects off my list!

  • make a waistcoat for Hayden. He is in a function band and we found a beautiful turquoise herringbone poly-wool in the local market that we both liked (and it was a bargain) and I have a pattern in the stash especially for this.
  • Make a cushion for my sewing chair. I picked up some great flamingo upholstery fabric in Utrecht a few years ago that is waiting to be used.
  • Make a pair of Sasha trousers from Closet Case. These were part of my March plans but I ran out of time to make them!

March in review

March was very productive! I made a workout top and leggings using the My Handmade Wardrobe Action Pack, an Itch to Stitch Lago vest for me, a Grainline Lark tee for me and a Burda Pete t-shirt for Hayden. Most of the fabric came from my stash but there is still a long way to go in reducing it down! I also made my Craftsmanship bag kit from Niizo Craft which will be on the blog soon (I love it FYI). I didn’t finish my embroidery project though – I need to try to make this a bit of an evening habit as I have some new projects I am really keen to start on but I’m on a self-imposed ban until my little raccoon is finished.


2 thoughts on “April sewing plans

  1. bedrum says:

    Hi! I’d love to see your updates on your experience with the niizo bag. I’m about to try to sew a muslin (I’m too scared to use the fabric from the kit just yet) and would love to know what you thought of the process. And to post photos of your bag! ❤

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