June sewing plans

Another month, another late post. Would you expect anything else?! Even as I write this post I’m still not 100% what I want to get done this month but I am hoping it might become clear as I go! I’m in a bit of a weird place at the minute and I’m definitely lacking motivation to get anything done, both with my sewing and the rest of my life. I feel like I probably should start making daily lists of what I want to get done to help me get a bit of control over the day to day (and maybe spend a bit less time on my phone!).

  • make some undies. I mentioned in my last Me Made May post that I wanted to have a few more handmade pairs and I do have 2 pairs of Acacia knickers cut out waiting to be stitched up.
  • finish the Sasha trousers. I actually don’t have that much left to do on these.
  • make an ironing board cover. We need a new one because I have melted a load of interfacing on to the current one, plus it means I can use up some more of my stash.
  • make another Melilot shirt. This is one of my Make Nine makes for this year and I am certain I have some fabric in my stash that would be suitable for another short sleeved version.

May in review

I have nearly finished Hayden’s waistcoat, it just needs a buckle which is a very quick job but for some reason I keep avoiding. I’m about halfway through the Sasha trousers but some of you may have seen my instagram stories a few days ago talking about the fit issues I am having and I think these are contributing to my lack of sewing mo-jo. I didn’t get round to making a new ironing board cover, again due to idleness. I did alter Hayden’s trousers and I also altered a t-shirt for me so it wasn’t a completely wasted month but my productivity definitely suffered.


2 thoughts on “June sewing plans

  1. tailoredbykate says:

    It sounds like you still got some useful things done, even if not all you planned. Give yourself a pat on the back for that! I finished my Sasha trousers today and completely love them, if that helps with any extra motivation? I can see a couple of tweaks I will make for the next pair but I’m still stoked with these ones just as they are.

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