Keeping it simple

And now for something completely different – embroidery! OK, so it isn’t exactly a major departure from the norm but it’s been years since I embroidered anything so I think this might be a first for the blog!


Wonky photo, not a wonky hoop

Kathy from Sew Dainty has recently started selling cross stitch embroidery designs on etsy for the bargain price of £3 per design. Kathy’s designs are sewing themed or positive affirmations and are simple, single colour designs. They’re also not too complicated to follow so would be an ideal project for a beginner. Kathy’s newest release is a design that says ‘Makers Gonna Make’ and I was keen to support a small indie business venture so I snapped it up on sale!

I used to do a lot of cross stitch when I was younger so I was confident that I would be able to complete it pretty quickly. It also meant that I was able to use up some materials from my stash so I chose a light dove grey 14 count aida and although the pattern calls for black embroidery thread, I wanted to use a variegated thread from DMC that I had received in last years Sewing Weekender goodie bag. I was even able to use an 8″ hoop I already had to sew and frame it! I bought the pdf pattern on the day it was released, printed it the next day and it was finished and hanging in my sewing room just two days later!

You can see the colours of the thread as it changes stitch by stitch

I must confess that because I am familiar with following cross stitch charts I completely ignored the instructions that came with the pattern but having read over them they are clear and detailed and would definitely be helpful for those dipping their toes in to cross stitch. There were a couple of things I did differently to the instructions. Instead of starting from the top left and following the pattern as finish the back of my hoop with help – the instructions recommend trimming away excess fabric but if you want to back your hoop this tutorial will show you how.

I timed myself from start to finish at the entire process took me about 6.5 hours including finishing the back of the hoop – I am not a quick stitcher by any stretch and I was stitching when tired and quite late at night. If you’re a speedy cross stitcher, this will probably take you far less time!

I’m really please with the finished piece. The colour combination in the thread is really lovely and quite effective – it makes the finished project look like a lot more effort went in to it! I also realised how much I missed hand stitching. Embroidery isn’t something I’m very good at but I have a few other simple projects to work on next. The repetitive nature of hand sewing is very therapeutic!


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