September sewing plans

My poor neglected blog… I’m still here I promise! I’ve had a post for September half drafted for ages but I just haven’t had the time to properly finish it. August ran away with me too – I was away for a week so that did cut down sewing time, but if I’m being totally honest… I also haven’t wanted to sew much or blog much over the last few months. I’ve been forcing some of the sewing and so the blogging has certainly fallen by the wayside and a big reason for that is that I don’t feel particularly cute in what I make so I don’t want to share it. I mean, I like what I make but I feel quite negative about my body lately, despite this seeming to be the age of body positivity, and publishing posts where I have to show what I look like in my makes has been hard.

I’ve also felt quite pressured as I am going away for 4 weeks and have been trying to sew a lot of things to take away with me. Some of those plans have long been abandoned though, I work full time and I just haven’t had the time to make everything for the trip and all of the pressure is self-inflicted so I’m the only one to blame here!

So at this point in the month it seems a bit silly to share my monthly goals but I still have some time before I go and I am sure I can finish a few more things!

  • Make some Ginger jeans. My first pair have worn thin and are approaching the completely unwearable stage and I need some other trousers to take on the trip.
  • Finish and schedule 4 blog posts. Not including this one! I think I have enough photos to be able to finally share some posts.
  • Finish my latest New Look 6483 top. This only needs hemming and one armhole binding so I’m optimistic I can get this done!

August in review

I did finish my Ginger jeans and have worn them much more than I had anticipated. I also made my Kelly anorak and I love it! I already want another one. I still didn’t make that Datura blouse. I will do eventually, but I just don’t have enough time this month! I also visited the Rag Market with some friends and went to Stoff and Stil in Berlin so it ended up being a good month and I’m so happy with my 2 completed makes!


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