January sewing plans

Sunset, leaving London, December 2018

It’s January! In 2019! I’m excited! All the exclamation points!

Anyway, hello! It’s a new year and I really enjoy the feeling of possibility that comes with a new year. I’m not going to launch in to a whole ‘New Year New Me’ speech because I probably will continue to be the same me I was in December, except with fewer mince pies and possibly some better shoes.

This month I want to:

  • Make a pair of FehrTrade PB Jam leggings. I bought the pattern and fabric before Christmas but just never made them. As I said in this post I’ve been hitting the gym a bit and some new gym gear that actually fits would be useful
  • Buy all fabric and haberdashery needed for the red cord jacket in my Make Nine list for this year. I don’t plan to make it yet but I like to be prepared and there are a few January sales so I might be lucky and find a bargain
  • Make some pyjamas using the flamingo cotton from my stash. These will be the first make from my Make Nine list and I’m really excited to use the fabric

December in review

I helped my mum make a sparkly party dress for her work christmas party. It was based on 2 patterns in Gertie’s Ultimate Dress book and I had to relearn how to do a lapped zipper as I’d not done one since 2011. I embroidered a gift for my brother and his partner and I taught myself to knit again and I’m really enjoying having something to do in the dark winter evenings when I’m sat on the sofa. I also made Hayden a new tie which he seems to really like!


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