Me Made May 2019

It’s that time of year again! This is the 10th year of Me Made May and I’ve enjoyed watching/reading how other people think and feel about their clothes, how they switch things up and use this month as a useful tool for wardrobe analysis to identify gaps that need filling.

I didn’t decide until this morning to participate. I’m currently in a weird funk about my wardrobe – I like what I’ve made as garments but actually on me, they don’t feel very… well, ME. I want to use May to really think about what I’m wearing and how it makes me feel.

My pledge for this year is to wear at least 1 of my me made clothes every day and to document the outfit as well as how it made me feel. I haven’t decided quite on how to document things yet though! I will also make an effort to repair anything that needs it.

If you want more information about Me Made May, check out this blog from the creator of Me Made May, Zoe!


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