#sewphotohop Day 29: storage 

​#sewphotohop Day 29: storage. I have a lot of fabric which is stored in tubs in my sewing room but because there’s so much I don’t really know what I’ve got. I bought these trading card files so I can store swatches of my fabrics in a folder. That way I don’t have to empty 8 massive tubs on the floor trying to find things! 

#sewphotohop Day 27: other interests 

​#sewphotohop Day 27: other interests. I have lots of other interests – I enjoy cooking, running, reading, music, theatre, history and taking photos but I especially love travelling!!  I currently have a few trips booked/planned over the next 12 months and I can’t wait! I’ve started buying something sewing related on my travels so whenever I use it I can be reminded of my adventure!

#sewphotohop Day 23: Inspiration

​Today’s activities and also #sewphotohop Day 23: inspiration. The people I have met through social media are all massive inspirations to me, whether it be because of your style, your prolific sewing or your positive outlook on life! Today I was at #sewbrum and got to speak to old and new friends and I’m already washing and plotting my makes with today’s purchases! Big hugs to everyone I spoke to today, apologies to everyone I didn’t get a chance to speak to (I might not have spoken to you because I was bit nervous because I like your blogs/instagrams haha!!)

I’ll write a short post about Sew Brum so keep your eyes peeled! 

#sewphotohop Day 20: Seasonal 

​#sewphotohop Day 20: Seasonal. I basically wear the same thing all year round – big fan of layering! Always a top, cardigan and jacket! My new trenchcoat is autumnal on the outside, but summer all the way inside! 

(Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the blog soon!) 

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