#sewphotohop Days 1 to 7

Hello! I'm taking part in #sewphotohop again this year. If you don't yet know what #sewphotohop is a photo challenge organised by Rachel from House of Pinheiro. You can check out the list of daily prompts here. Last year I did a post every day but this felt a bit like I was bombarding you … Continue reading #sewphotohop Days 1 to 7


#bpsewvember Day 14 – Help

#bpsewvember Day 14 - Help. I currently need help holding my nerve while I sew this super slippery satin for my #v1467sewalong lining! Only broken one machine needle so far but a couple of snags. Good job it's on the inside!

#bpsewvember Day 5 – WiP

#bpsewvember Day 5: WiP. My current work in progress is still the V1467 peacoat sewalong with @mccallpatterncompany and @houseofpinheiro. Had some ups and downs over the last few weeks and I'll admit I've neglected my coat but I am making slow progress. Tonight's achievement is cutting out my interfacing ready to start sewing tomorrow!