V1467 sewalong update 4 – Finished!

At last! My peacoat is finished! Actually it's been finished for a few weeks now but I've only been able to take pictures today! I'm really pleased with how this turned out - it's the most complicated sew I've done since graduation, and Β I've learnt a lot about coat making, working with wool and using … Continue reading V1467 sewalong update 4 – Finished!

#bpsewvember Day 16 – UFO

#bpsewvember Day 16 - UFO. I don't have many UFO'S because I stopped sewing for so long, but there is this 'should have been good but is actually awful' nightmare that lives in a storage box out of sight... No plans to finish it either - it's so frumpy on me and also there are … Continue reading #bpsewvember Day 16 – UFO

#bpsewvember Day 5 – WiP

#bpsewvember Day 5: WiP. My current work in progress is still the V1467 peacoat sewalong with @mccallpatterncompany and @houseofpinheiro. Had some ups and downs over the last few weeks and I'll admit I've neglected my coat but I am making slow progress. Tonight's achievement is cutting out my interfacing ready to start sewing tomorrow!