Me Made May 2018 – week 1

My first week of Me Made May is over and the results, if I am honest, are as expected. I was able to wear me-made every day, I desperately need more trousers and jeans and I still don't like having my picture taken! The thing I didn't expect was that I have actually do enough … Continue reading Me Made May 2018 – week 1


Do you ever…

...have those days where you have all the best intentions but get absolutely nothing done? OK, so I exaggerate a bit - I did finally clean the bathroom... I had planned to possibly finish my Belcarra today, toilé and all. But as you can probably guess, that hasn't quite happened. I got my fabric out last week only … Continue reading Do you ever…

New projects

Just a few updates today - no project currently on the go but several in the works! First up, the Belcarra blouse from Sewaholic! I finally bought my 'medicinal' pattern (woo! No more tonsillitis!) from Trixie Lixie and I'm going to start this tomorrow night. I have this great floral fabric that I picked up at the Knitting … Continue reading New projects