#bpsewvember Day 15 – Heirloom

#bpsewvember Day 15 - Heirloom. My great-grandmother was a seamstress but apart from a length of butter coloured cotton and some reels of threads I don't have anything that belonged to her. Instead I'm sharing this - an antique German tobacco tin filled with copper embroidery stencils. I picked them up in a market in … Continue reading #bpsewvember Day 15 – Heirloom


#sewphotohop Day 29: Eye level

#sewphotohop Day 29: Eye level. When I'm sat at my sewing desk, my view is just some naff nineties embossed wallpaper, but if I turn around this mess at the end of my cutting table is at eye level.  I will eventually get round to tidying it all... Eventually...