#bpsewvember Day 21 – Best part

#bpsewvember Day 21 - Best part. So much of sewing is brilliant, but today I realised the bit I love most is when things start to actually look like what you had planned! It's so satisfying when these flat pieces of randomly shaped fabric start to have structure, or you learn a new skill and … Continue reading #bpsewvember Day 21 – Best part


#bpsewvember Day 5 – WiP

#bpsewvember Day 5: WiP. My current work in progress is still the V1467 peacoat sewalong with @mccallpatterncompany and @houseofpinheiro. Had some ups and downs over the last few weeks and I'll admit I've neglected my coat but I am making slow progress. Tonight's achievement is cutting out my interfacing ready to start sewing tomorrow!