2020 – new year, new plans

In 2019, I made 8 things. 8. THINGS. And some of them I didn’t even like! I lost all of my sewing mojo, right down to my fabric buying mojo (and we all know sewing and buying fabric are two very different hobbies…)

I had great plans for 2019. I signed up to Sew My Style, I had a Make Nine… I made just one thing from each list. My PB and Jam leggings for Sew My Style did get featured by Helen’s Closet in one of her weekly round-up emails though, so that was pretty cool. But life got in the way – I hurt my knee, gained a lot more weight, moved to a different part of the country and had some job stuff happen, and I just haven’t felt very creative at all. I haven’t felt very much like ‘me’, or who I want to be lately, but moving town has helped me focus more on the things I do want and like and what I’m no longer prepared to put up with.

So. I’m back blogging! I won’t make promises about how often I will post, but I’m aiming for smaller gaps than 7 months this time. I haven’t figured out what format the posts will take either – blogging has definitely changed since I started in 2017 and ‘micro-blogging’ via instagram is much more common now, but I prefer using instagram for summarising and my blog for being a bit more detailed. I know I’ve used my own blog as a reference in the past as it’s easier to find things – let’s be honest, I’m too lazy to scroll way back through on instagram!

2020 sewing plans

I have signed up for Sew My Style this year but I already know I’ll skip a few months as the garments won’t work for me. I have also come up with a Make Nine this year but I’ve taken a different approach to it this year. I have yet to successfully complete this challenge, I get distracted by other makes, new patterns or by the requirements of my wardrobe. This year I have chosen 4 specific makes and 5 fabrics I want to make this year.

I’ve chosen to make:

  • Black Beauty Bra from Emerald Erin. I bought this in the Black Friday sale she ran and have plenty of lingerie supplies to use up to have a go at this. I’ve never made a bra and this is such a pretty one
  • Audrey Jacket from Seamwork. I’ve had the fabric and the pattern for this for ages but by the time I was ready to make it the weather was too warm so this has been stashed under a table for ages
  • Sequoia pants from Itch to Stitch. I moved close to the Peak District so there are loads of opportunities to go walking, and these trousers seem like a good option to use a base for walking trousers. I think the challenge will be sourcing good technical fabric that doesn’t feel too plasticky
  • Lander pants from True Bias. Everyone loves these trousers and I need more day to day trousers as 1 pair of jeans is no longer cutting it. I don’t have anything suitable to make these with yet

I’ve chosen to use:

  • Leaf print viscose. I bought this in 2 colourways from the Stitch Fabrics stall at one of the Knitting and Stitching shows at the NEC as I couldn’t choose between the 2 colourways. I want to use this blue first as I think it’ll be great over spring and summer
  • New York city print viscose. I impulse bought this from Sew Me Sunshine last year and I think this will be a slouchy, over-sized shirt to pair with jeans
  • Hat print poly-crepe. I’m not actually sure what this is, definitely a synthetic fibre but I picked this up from the 50p a metre place in Walthamstow. The beige isn’t quite right for me but it’s balanced out by the blue so as long as I cut it carefully with the blue closer to my face it should be fine. This is destined to be a Deer and Doe Melilot blouse
  • Chinese vase print cotton. This cotton is so soft after being washed, this should make some lovely pyjamas. Amazingly I picked this up for just 50p a metre from a stall in the Rag Market in Birmingham!
  • Seasalt style viscose. Another Rag Market purchase for a few £ a metre. I’d like to make a slightly fitted but boxy blouse with this but I don’t have a pattern in mind yet

So there we go! it’s only 2nd January and I’ve already sewn something! I ordered some things in the Samantha Claridge Studio sale on New Years Day and I’m already planning my next make. Is it one of my Make Nine? Wait and see!


3 thoughts on “2020 – new year, new plans

  1. Amy says:

    Ugh, I was the same. The only things I made last year were my costume for a play I was in, and a skirt that I haven’t worn because I liked it a lot less when it was made.

    I hope you and I both have more sewing triumphs this year, and I look forward to seeing your makes!

    Liked by 1 person

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