December sewing plans

Real talk – I haven’t sewn anything since September. SEPTEMBER. This is longest I’ve gone without sewing in several years and I simultaneously feel like I don’t really mind that much and that I’ve lost a limb. It’s weird. November was a bit odd as I had to re-adjust to normal life after 4 fantastic weeks away and it took me a while to get settled back in. That combined with the changing seasons and darker evenings makes it feel like my sewjo is still pottering around New Zealand somewhere. I’m still enjoying looking at other people’s makes here and on Instagram but I just cant seem to make myself sew anything. In November I also re-joined the gym which has altered what time I have in the evenings and that’s taking some time to get used to too. Also my jeans don’t fit because my legs have changed shape, which is both a positive and a negative, I guess.

Today I listened to the planning episode of the Love To Sew podcast and the first tip I want to try is to schedule in dedicated sewing time to see if that helps get me out of this funk I’ve ended up in.

This month in my scheduled sewing time I would like to:

  • make some undies. I have enough jersey scraps to be able to make a few pairs and I really need a few new pairs.
  • make a tie for Hayden. He bought a really lovely cotton from Liberty and I know this will be a nice easy sew.
  • Catch up on some blog posts. I think I make this a goal for every month… at least I’m consistent!

November in review

I fibbed, I did actually sew something. I repaired some pyjamas I ripped whilst I was away (on the first night!). I did also do a little tidying in my sewing space too but I still have a long way to go there. I also finished an embroidery hoop kit from Oh Sew Bootiful and that was a really soothing project. Maybe more embroidery will help me get me groove back? I also designed and made an embroidery hoop for my mum for her birthday and she liked it – success! I didn’t make any running leggings, although I did order some fabric and buy the pattern. Definitely steps in the right direction! There was no wardrobe purge either and that feels very overdue so I’ll try to make that a focus for this weekend. Overall it’s been an odd month. I feel weirdly neutral about it all but I also feel like I might be coming back out on the other side so there’s hope yet!


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