#bpsewvember Day 10, 11 and 12

Day 10: Shopping list

I don’t often make a shopping list as I don’t normally have much of a sewing plan, but eventually I want to buy a giant cutting mat and rotary cutter!

Day 11: The Vault

This is a dress made about 6 years ago for someone I was at RADA with – a self-drafted, fully corseted with about a million full length panels, double duchess satin with handmade french lace overlay. She looked absolutely amazing in it and it was a really challenging project at a time when my confidence was very low but now I want to make ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!!! 👗👗👗

Day 12: New to me

These are my most recent sewing purchases – two 1940’s Vogue patterns from a local vintage charity shop for a steal. One is from before rationing ended, one is just a few months after 😍 If anyone is able to date them for me or direct me to where I could find out myself, please let me know!


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