#bpsewvember Day 22, 23 and 24

Day 22: Blue/green.

I always love blue but this year I’ve found myself drawn to green a lot. The green fleck jersey on the left is gorgeous, I picked it up at Sew Brum from Guthrie and Ghani and the khaki mossy green, while awful to photograph (it’s a lot less ‘pond’ coloured IRL) is a lovely soft jersey from a coupon shop in Paris.

Day 23: Selfish sew.

My name’s Jenny and I’m a Selfish Sewist! I rarely make for other people and you’ve all seen a sneak peek of my most recent unselfish sew AND most of my recent selfish sews so here are some pretty pink carnations instead (it’s a cop – out but honestly I got nothin’ for this prompt!!)

Day 24: Soundtrack.

I like to have something on playing on the laptop like a film or series so DVDs and iplayer are my go-to soundtracks. I put on things that I’ve seen a lot or that don’t require much concentration because I like the company 🙂 these were just the first few I grabbed in the sewing room


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