January sewing plans

Following on from yesterdays posts about my #2017makenine plans, I wanted to start off my sewing year strong, with my goals for January clearly laid out. I’ll review each month when I post my goals for the following month to keep me accountable. The aim at the moment is to make one pattern from the list per month but we all know life has a habit of getting in the way so this may change!!

  1. Make the Steeplechase leggings from FehrTrade. These are my first pattern pick from my #2017makenine list. I already have the lycra for these, but I haven’t even looked properly at the pattern since I bought it in the Black Friday sale on Pattern Review to see what else I need!
  2. Fix my elephant print pyjamas. These were made pre-overlocker and the seam was  finished with a zigzag but now I have a small tear across the seat of my jammie bottoms. I’ve been ignoring this for about 6 months (I know I know) and all it really needs is a quick patch.
  3. Fix the hole in my pocket on my Knipmode trenchcoat. Again this is something I’ve been avoiding  for a while and it should just be quite a simple fix.
  4. Finish organising my fabric stash. I have way too much fabric that I know I won’t ever use, but because I have so much I don’t really know exactly what I have. I’ve made a start and worked through 2 tubs (out of, 8 not including all the stuff piled on top of the tubs and my cutting table) and I’m at 58 metres in lengths already. This sounds like a lot but a fair few of these aren’t very wide at all but are too big to throw away or recycle. I plan on going through all of my fabrics and then filtering down to things I can keep that I will actually use and things I can sell or donate (maybe I can do an instagram sale?). I want to downsize my stash by 2 tubs minimum so they all fit under my cutting table. I have so much fabric everywhere at the moment that I don’t know where to start anymore!




9 thoughts on “January sewing plans

  1. steelyseamstress says:

    I admire the incorporation of a few mending jobs into the mix. I always find I avoid these as I find them boring! I’m been meaning to rationalize my stash too, but actually I’m coming to the conclusion that actually mine is rather small – just one big bag that I sewed myself which is the size I intend my stash to be and two extra carrier bags. But I do need to get rid of these as I keep tripping over them!


  2. sewchet says:

    Mending jobs are always put to the bottom of the list as they’re so dull – but it will be worth it! As for reducing your collection of fabrics, I’m no help at all as I hate to get rid of even the tiniest scrap….

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