February sewing plans

I had high hopes for January but life got in the way (as usual) but I have had a good month regardless! I think maybe I was a little over-confident with my plans when I knew I had most weekends booked up already. February is a much quieter month but I think that the only plan I want to make is to finish my Ginger jeans. I am hoping I can make a good wearable toile of these jeans as I wear jeans pretty much every day and my current pair are very much on their last legs! Thankfully Closet Case Files are running a No Fear Jeans Month so there will be lots of great resources and posts available to all of us jean making newbies!

January in review

I made a good start on my Ginger jeans but there is still a way to go with fitting them. I didn’t make a start on my next Melilot blouse either but I hope I get that made by the end of Spring. I have also stuck to my #stashdiet pledge and not bought any fabric! I did try to go fabric shopping in Valencia (a place I loved) but fortunately the shops were either verrrrryyyy expensive or not to my taste. I am off to an Abakhan at the weekend though… I also began working through the Curated Closet which has already proved eye-opening. It has definitely made me think more about what colours I like to wear which may be useful for my makes this year.


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