Another Burda Pete t-shirt

After the success of the first version of the Pete tee that I made for Hayden, I decided to make another version for his birthday back in August. (I am very behind on blogging…)


Hayden can sometimes be quite particular with his clothes so I wanted to make him something that would work with other things that he wears and that suit his style, as well as something that would be a quick make while he was out one evening! I ordered a really nice quality cotton jersey from Minerva Crafts which unfortunately now is out of stock, although there is something similar currently on the site. I managed to


squeeze this out of less than a metre as I made a size small and had enough left over for a make for me another time. I made this up exactly as before, except I overlocked the sleeve hems and the bottom hems before turning them up so the insides were a bit neater than in the first version, which you can just about see in the second photo.

I did mention in my previous post that I had some problems with the download of this pattern – the pattern is available to purchase at the same price but I checked recently and still can’t download the pdf file from my Burda account – if anyone does want to buy this pattern, you may need to contact customer services to obtain it but it is a great staple when you do!


Blog outtakes – Hayden was cold while I was faffing with the camera so busted out some push-ups in the cold streets of Cambridge (I caught this as he was getting up again, he isn’t rubbish at push-ups!)


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